Dedicated Teams

What problems do we solve:

  • Disrupt or be disrupted. The future is now. Don’t be left behind.
  • Scaling your business which grows faster than your technical infrastructure/capacity/platform
  • Rapid and cost-efficient building of a dream team with a proper leadership and rare technical experts
  • Challenging product roadmap
  • Keep technical expertise in-house

Why us?

  • 20+ years of experience and F500 successful clients
  • VIP & Boutique experience VS being lost in a large software factory
  • Company founders are directly in charge of customer success
  • Innovations in our DNA
  • Delivery partner VS outsourcing vendor approach
  • Option to transfer your remote team under your direct employment

How it works

You will be assigned to your dedicated staffing manager responsible for selecting and hiring your team members in collaboration with you.
Based on your needs, plans, existing in-house team and Ukrainian job market staffing manager will align with you:
• team structure and size
• team member positions descriptions
• seniority level and cost of team members
• other additional requirements
Recruiters will find, engage and propose candidates according to ideal candidate profiles, defined and agreed with you.
Candidates may complete a test task and pass multi-stage interviews according to the interview process designed specifically to meet your needs.
Recruiters will do their best to keep the candidates engaged until there is a decision on them.
staffing manager will hire candidates accepted by you.
Once the key team members are in, they are involved in staffing the remaining team members. At the end of the stage the team staffing is completed. Core processes, team management structure and roles are defined and explained to both your onside and remote teams.
Staffing manager will teach and involve you in sharing your company’s vision, values, policies and explaining your business to your dream team. Visiting your team on this stage is highly recommended.
Laser Focused Solutions and your dedicated customer success manager will ensure that your key team members will apply best practices, monitor and improve:
• Team members motivation
• Team performance
• Communication
• Underperformers (improvement, replacement)
We provide you with an exclusive opportunity to directly employ your remote dream team on specific terms. By transferring your team you will eliminate the risk of dependence on the third party and it will allow to retain expertise and brains in-house. To get more information on the terms of transferring your remote dream team into direct employment please contact us.

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